Credit & Debit Card Payments

Oceanpayment offers fast, reliable and secure credit and debit card payments in multiple languages. All the major card schemes worldwide are supported,including Visa, MasterCard, JCB and American Express.

Alternative Payments

Since countries and regions have their respective own preferred local payment methods. It is of great importance to broaden your payment options to avoid missing a significant number of customers. Oceanpayment offers merchants hundreds of alternative payment options and services depending on parameters such as type of business, average transaction value and security issues. It strives to help you become first to market in a specific region and keeps you on the cutting-edge of universal commerce.

WeChat Payment & Alipay

Chinese spend a lot on buying goods from foreign countries. Also, China is a huge marketplace for traveling. WeChat Payment and Alipay are the most popular payment methods for local consumers, making China world’s leading mobile-payment country.

Payments on Multi-devices

In recent years, the rapid development of global mobile payment, more and more consumers are accustomed to online consumption in different devices such as mobile phones, tablets and so on.
By offering payments on laptop, APPs, mobiles and even televisions, Oceanpayment let your consumers enjoy buying in anywhere at any time.

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