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  • The world famous application analysis provider App Annie released the report pointed out that China’s mobile gaming market has grown rapidly in recent years. Chinese game publishers have achieved success both within and outside the mainland China. As it is diffcult to compete with large players like Tencent and NetEase in local market, a rising number of Chinese publishers seek for gold in overseas markets and some of them performs very well.
    According to the research, overseas game revenue of Chinese publishers increased by nearly 150% between the period of Jan–May 2014 to Jan–May 2016. The top three markets excluded China are United States, Japan and South Korea, which contributed about 60% of game revenue for Chinese publishers.

    Strategy games are most are leading global monetization opportunities for Chineses publishers becauese less localization efforts are required. In terms of monthly active users (MAU), arcade games tended to draw higher volumes, occupying the top ranks of Chinese games by overseas iPhone and Android Phone MAU.


    In order to succeed outside of China, publishers need to develop games that can generate broad appeal within their genres by incorporating design and gameplay elements that seamlessly translate across borders. With regard to payment method, using alternative payment methods of local market would help to improve conversion rate of users. And that is what Oceanpayment can help you!

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