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  • There are usually two ways for merchants to sell products online. Either they use a mature ecommerce platform like Amazon, or they build their own store by using platforms like Shopify. The former one means you can just focus on the products while the latter one gives you a chance to create your brand.

    If your choice is the latter one, you probably have already heard of the convenience of opening a store with Shopify. However, you may still need to know how payments work in Shopify and which payment method is superior when getting paid.

    Shopify provides two options for processing payments, either the use of Shopify Payments or a third-party payment gateway that integrates with Shopify.

    Shopify Payments is Shopify’s in-house payment gateway powered by Stripe. If you are a local merchant in the US or some European countries, you may find Shopify Payments cheap and easy to use because it does not charge any transaction fees. However, for Chinese merchants, it may not be possible to set up Shopify Payments because it requires a foreign ID/company address to finish registration.

    If you would like to offer as many alternative payment methods as possible to satisfy your customers, third-party payment gateways would be a better choice since they usually provide hundreds of payment options apart from credit cards. Shopify charges additional transaction fees for using external payment gateways.

    However, building trust is the key to increase your store’s conversion rate and there is no doubt that offering customer-preferred payment methods can help with that (See also “17 Ways to Increase Your Website’s Conversion Rate” http://www.oceanpayment.com/views/17-ways-to-increase-your-websites-conversion-rate-trust-is-the-key/).

    As a third-party payment provider, Oceanpayment became Shopify’s trusted partner in 2016 and helps hundreds of Chinese merchants with building their own ecommerce empires. Among over 70 third-party payment gateways supported in Shopify, Oceanpayment is the only Chinese payment service company that integrates overseas credit cards and hundreds of alternative payment methods in a single platform.

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