Millions of customers around the world are using mobile devices to make purchases.

Oceanpayment provides one-stop payment solutions and services that will bring you and your customers a brand new mobile device payment experience.

Apple pay payment

Oceanpayment provides you with a smooth payment solution to support Apple Pay, which enables your customers to use their Apple devices to make payments in Web, WAP and APP application scenarios, fast, safe and convenient.

Quick and easy operation

Just one touch, no need to jump, a floating window pops up at the bottom of the merchant APP interface, and you can complete the payment using fingerprint/face authentication.

High conversion rate of orders

Convenient payment, quick order placement brings more orders and revenue.

Simple user setup process

Apple Pay is built into Apple devices. Users only need to perform simple operations and bind a bank card to use it. There is no need to download and install third-party payment tools.

Encrypted transactions and guaranteed privacy

All transactions need to be verified by 3Ds, and payment information in each link is encrypted.

Google Pay Payment

We provide Google Pay payment technology solutions and services for merchants in various application scenarios of the global Google ecosystem, such as Web, WAP, and APP.

High Security Level

Google Pay uses one of the most advanced security infrastructures in the world to protect user payment information to ensure user account security.

Fast Payment

With Google Pay, users only need to add a bank card to the Google Pay application to reduce the time it takes to make payments.

Convenient information management

With Google Pay, users can add any bank card and then easily update payment information. In addition, users can easily view and track transaction details.

Simplify your global payment

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