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What is Alipay?

As a digital portfolio in China that counts more than a billion active users around the world, Alipay has transitioned from a single payment tool to an open platform with payment services, vital services, government services, social networking, financial management, insurance, public welfare and other scenarios.

Accept Alipay with Oceanpayment

Localized Payment Solution Provider

Total integration of Alipay online e-commerce and offline QR Code payments based on Alipay Industry-specific solutions.

What we offer

  • Alipay Authentication (Registration & Verification Services)
  • Application of Alipay Account
  • Customized operation services

Multi Approach of User reach

By opening up Alipay Mini Programs, we help and support merchants to directly reach users through Alipass Service.

What we offer

  • Guidance and suggestions for Alipay mini-program development services
  • Fully-functional mini-programs with optimized usability and user experiences
  • Efficient IT support and Data Analyze

Customized Advertising Strategy and Promotion

Based on Alipay digital promotion platform, we provide all merchants and agents with Alipay advertising capabilities.

What we offer

  • Real-time Bidding Technologies with conversion feedback
  • Intelligent accurate targeting strategy
  • Focus on high-quality advertising creativity


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