Sep 02

Rumall Enters Russian Ecommerce Market with Oceanpayment

Rumall, the first e-commerce platform of S.F. Express, chose Oceanpayment as payment service provider to optimize its payment process for exploration of Russian market. Cooperating with Ulmart which is the largest ecommerce website in Russia, “ “initially launched in April, 2016. With more than 400 small pickup centers and 32... read more →
Aug 05

Oceanpayment attained Shenzhen Hi-tech Enterprise Certificate

In July, Oceanpayment successfully attained the identification of Shenzhen Hi-tech Enterprise as well as became the member of Shenzhen Hi-tech Industry Association. Created by Shenzhen Municipal Science and Technology Innovation Committee, the Certificate of Shenzhen Hi-tech Enterprise is given to companies who are specializing in providing products or services with... read more →
Jun 13

Oceanpayment Enters Online Travel Market with iGola

Who is iGola? iGola is known as an intelligent search platform for helping travelers to find an ideal trip with best price. By comparing dozens of services providers worldwide with real time and accurate information in a single browser page, travelers can easily book suitable and affordable airline tickets or... read more →
May 26

Celebrating Oceanpayment’s 2nd Anniversary!

May 26th is Oceanpayment's 2-year-old birthday! Great thanks to our Clients, Partners, Consumers, Colleagues, Family and Friends, we're celebrating the completion of our second year in business. We've helped  hundreds of merchants collect money from a variety of countries for the past two years, and we're striving hard to make... read more →
Apr 08

CCTV Interview: China’s Tax Reform Has little Impact on Export E-business

On April 8th, a new tax policy for e-commerce business is officially started in China. The government wants to regulate the cross-border sales market by raising the tax level of import e-commerce. Meanwhile, Lanny, the vice president of Oceanpayment, was interviewed by Chinese state-owned broadcaster (CCTV). “while the reform of... read more →
Dec 30

Oceanpayment steps into global multimedia market with TCL

In December, 2015, TCL, the leader of Chinese color TV industry, reached an agreement with Oceanpayment on its complete payment infrastructure globally for GoLive TV operation and cross-border mobile business. TCL is working on worldwide multimedia operation and new mobile business development, which requires a professional partner to optimize its... read more →
Oct 27

Oceanpayment to Establish A Strategic Partnership with the Qianhai Settle

On October 20, 2015, Oceanpayment and Qianhai Settle Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement in Shenzhen. The two sides will be in accordance with their business characteristics and resource advantages to promote exchanges and cooperation actively in business, technology, resources, management, coordination, development strategy and other aspects in the... read more →
Sep 29

CCTV Interview | Oceanpayment– Brand New Opportunity of Cross-boarder Ecommerce

CCTV Interview | Oceanpayment-- Brand New Opportunity of Cross-boarder E-commerce As cross-boarder e-commerce is increasingly acting as important role in economy development in China, the government had enacted a serial of policies to accelerate e-commerce development this year. During the special topic interview on 'cross-boarder e-commerce' of CCTV2, co-founder of... read more →
Jan 23

Oceanpayment Cooperated With CCTV Movie Channel

Oceanpayment Cooperated With CCTV Movie Channel On January 6, 2015, Oceanpayment and CCTV6 movie channel had made an agreement mainly focus on the development and promotion of Chinese movie’s exportation. Chairman Xi once said, “It’s a big topic to introduce China to foreigners.”Though it has been over thirty years since... read more →
Jan 23

On invitation to the Meet & Greet of CCTV Finance

On invitation to the Meet & Greet of CCTV Finance On January 9, 2015, Oceanpayemnt was invited to take the Meet & Greet of CCTV Finance in Shenzhen studio. Lanny, co-founder of Oceanpayment had shared her entrepreneurial insight with thirty experts from areas of media, science and technology, and investment.... read more →