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WeChat – Super App in China at global glance

As China's most popular instant messaging application, WeChat has built a unique social community for users around the world. It makes every connection between people, users and businesses, and between users and organizations possible.

With Oceanpayment WeChat pay gateway you will now be able to start your WeChat pay service provider business and open the Chinese market with WeChat online payment gateway. With the WeChat pay gateway payment process becomes much more secure and convenient for everyone.

The growth of WeChat online payment gateway online businesses with WeChat pay service providers has been quite rapid. The e-commerce industry is seeing a huge need for a WeChat pay gateway, and this is why WeChat online payment gateway has become quite popular in a short period.

What is the WeChat pay gateway?

Wechat online payment gateway is the most popular Chinese instant messaging application. WeChat pay service provider is a great social community for users all across the globe. It helps people from all across the globe to connect and do business along with that. This is a perfect platform for businesses and users to come together. This app accepts WeChat pay also has a WeChat pay gateway option with the help of which payments can be done securely. With Ocean, Payment users will be able to accept payments from the WeChat pay gateway.

Localized Payment Solution provider

Oceanpayment is now one of the most reliable WeChat pay gateway integrations available. With the help of Oceanpayment acceptance, WeChat pay users will be able to accept payment through the social networking application. Oceanpayment has accept WeChat pay and facilitates six types of payment in the WeChat pay service provider ecosystem, which includes quick pay, QR code payment, mini-program payment, web payment, in-app payment, and official account payment in the WeChat pay gateway. Since the WeChat pay gateway is basically for localized businesses, merchants will be able to accept money quite easily. With the help of WeChat online payment gateway authentication, the registration and verification services are integrated along with the WeChat pay service provider. The application of the official WeChat account is integrated into the Oceanpayment page.

Multi Approach of User reach

Wechat has options like WeChat Group, wechat pay service provider, WeChat Moments and Wechat apps. These help merchants showcase their products and attract a bigger target group and accept WeChat pay. Use Wechat to target a user group who are interested in your products. Oceanpayment offers WeChat Mini Program development series. WeChat pay service provider also has experience running a fully functional mini-program. The IP support in WeChat online payment gateway is quite efficient in this case.

Customized advertising strategy and Promotion

WeChat advertising services also play a great role in business and let users grow their business quite rapidly. Wechat online payment gateway will display ads to the target audience, spreading brand awareness and increasing the number of potential buyers on the website. WeChat pay service provider offers real-time bidding technologies which help in conversion feedback. The targeting strategy here is also quite intelligent and accurate. The main focus of the WeChat pay service provider is on high-quality advertising creativity, making it quite lucrative for merchants.

Oceanpayment is one of the biggest integration platforms available in the market now. People from all over the world are using it because of the great WeChat pay gateway integration and accept WeChat pay. Oceanpayment accepts WeChat pay can integrate with any standard website with WeChat online payment gateway making it quite flexible and convenient to use. Oceanpayment also comes with a lot of security, which helps keep all the transactions and money safe.

Accept WeChat Pay with Oceanpayment

Localized Payment Solution Provider

Oceanpayment facilitates six types of payment methods within WeChat’s digital ecosystem and provides more localized payment solutions for the merchants.

What we offer

  • WeChat Authentication (Registration & Verification Services)
  • Application of WeChat Official Account
  • Localized operating services
types of wechat pay payment method
  • wechat pay mini programm approach
  • wechat apps social ecosystem
  • wechat pay payment ecosystem

Multi Approach of User reach

Through WeChat Moments, WeChat groups and WeChat apps Social ecosystem to help merchants acquire customers, reach targeted user groups and achieve precision marketing.

What we offer

  • WeChat Mini Program development services
  • Fully functional Mini Program operation experience
  • Efficient IT support and Data Analyze

Customized Advertising Strategy and Promotion

Using WeChat Advertising service that enables merchants to display targeted advertisement by company characteristics.

What we offer

  • Real-time Bidding Technologies with conversion feedback
  • Intelligent accurate targeting strategy
  • Focus on high-quality advertising creativity
wechat advertising strategy and promotion


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