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Take advantage of China’s best payment processing company, Oceanpayment. Besides processing payments, we are also a payment facilitator companies, making it easy for merchants to accept their payments from across the globe.

Oceanpayment has been created with the sole aim of making it easier for merchants to accept payments. It is one such payment processing company that makes sure merchants can receive payments from across the world. This is possible only because this payment processing company supports cross-border money services. The merchants can connect their Oceanpayment account to Visa, MasterCard, American Express or any other card payment services and get paid easily for their products/services. Oceanpayment also is a payment facilitator companies that makes receiving payments simple and quick for the merchants.

Oceanpayment as Your Trusted Payment Processing Company

Finding a trusted payment processing company or a payment facilitator companies can be tough. However, Oceanpayment has been created by experts who have extensive experience in the cross-border payment industry, which is why it is a payment processing company in which you can place your trust on. Since this company deals with cross-border deals for the merchants to have a global reach, it requires a lot of intricate processing. Oceanpayment has apt systems that ease up the intricate processing method of cross-border trade and transaction by providing the merchants with an interface that is simple and effective to use.

This payment processing company makes sure the currency conversions, authorization, and overall settling of the transaction are smooth, enabling merchants to grab more customers as they can receive payments from multiple channels. This smart payment processing company checks for the right amount to reach the merchant in the shortest amount of time so that both the merchant and the customers are happy and enjoy their shopping experience to the max. Hence, as a payment processing company Oceanpayment does a wonderful job.

Is Oceanpayment an Ideal payment facilitator companies?

As a payment facilitator companies, Oceanpayment looks into the interests of the merchants. Thus, it has set up an electronic platform that is simple to use. The incorporation of famous card companies into Oceanpayment enables its users to receive payments from multiple portals. All of it is facilitated in a seamless manner, making it a renowned payment facilitator companies. In addition to that, this payment facilitator companies has gone one step further into making it simple for merchants to accept payments. Wondering how? Well, Oceanpayment, your ideal payment facilitator companies, has included the omnichannel feature to itself, making transactions possible via any of the smart devices you connect your account to. You can now enjoy money transactions on your phones, tablets, laptops, or any smart device powered by Android or iOS. Thus, all of it make Oceanpayment an ace payment facilitator companies.

Is Oceanpayment a Swift payment facilitator companies?

Yes, as a payment facilitator companies Oceanpayment definitely is a swift one. As mentioned before, it’s easy-to-use interface helps merchants to receive payments quickly. It is a payment processing company that quickly incorporates the transaction and related data and allows users to get their money rapidly.

Moreover, as a payment processing company Oceanpayment is highly secured to use. It does not lead to any personal data leakage as all the information exchanged between the merchant and the customer is encrypted. To be a part of this payment processing company, all you need to do is create an account in Oceanpayment. The steps are really simple where you fill in your details and later wait for the account confirmation. Account confirmation may take several days for other companies, but with Oceanpayment, you get faster results because it is a swift payment facilitator companies. So the apt processing of data and the facilitation of money bringing it from different countries straight to the merchant definitely makes Oceanpayment an ideal payment facilitator companies and a safe and secured payment processing company.

Overall, Oceanpayment is undoubtedly a payment facilitator companies that has made trading easier for local merchants and enabled them to receive payments from different countries. This payment facilitator companies is also a certified money service provider which provides enough safety to its users. Besides, it is a payment processing company as well, which removes all communication and regional barriers between the merchants and the whole world. So why, this payment processing company is used in 200 countries proudly, strengthening local merchants and their business by taking it to a global reach.

Company Overview

Oceanpayment is a global payment service provider that offers safe, convenient, professional and simple payment solutions to merchants conducting cross-border business.

Headquartered in Hong Kong, Oceanpayment has an integrated infrastructure comprising state-of-the-art payment technology, effective risk management and operational expertise. With operations spanning globally, we have set up Technology & Operation Centers of Business Entity in Shenzhen, Australia, America, Europe and Singapore.

Processing transactions continually for several hundred thousand merchants across 200 countries, Oceanpayment helps businesses of all sizes, from small to large enterprises, accept and process payments to maximize business opportunities and revenue growth. By offering over 500 payment methods in one platform, Oceanpayment enables merchants to accept a variety of payment types, across multiple channels, anywhere in the world.

With our global presence and expertise, Oceanpayment has developed sustainable relationships with acquirers, payment service providers and merchants globally, working in collaboration to deliver a diversified suite of value-added payment-centric services and solutions to the customer. Focused on continuously enhancing the customer experience through innovative and reliable payment services, Oceanpayment operates on an unwavering principle of services and products that are secure, convenient and easy to use, continually supported by professionals.


The Unique and Dedicated Team

Core team based in China without time gap and language barrier in communicating with Chinese merchant.

With both local corporate mindset and global vision, we have better understanding of challenges faced by China merchants.

Deeply rooted in China cross-border payment industry with comprehensive knowledge on local industrial development and trend.

Well-established branch offices with dedicated teams in major cities of China to explore and develop market.

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