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In tandem with the rapid digital transformation across the world. As a payment processing company, Oceanpayment is playing a critical role in a borderless marketplace where merchants could sell their products to a wider and more diverse consumer base. Presently, our suite of customizable payment processing solutions and services are enabling millions of ecommerce merchants in more than 200 countries and regions to expand and extend their reach in the global market.

Our goal is to continually provide our customers with the optimum digital payment processing and payment gateway company solution that meets their business needs, enabling them to offer digtal payment services at their online stores that not only ensure data security but are also easy to use for the ultimate shopping experience.

About Us – Our Story

Oceanpayment was founded by a group of practitioners with in-depth experience in payment processing、payment gateway technology, risk management and operations.

Brought together by a common desire to resolve the challenges in operationalizing ecommerce payments, enhancing the consumer’s payment experience and safeguarding the merchant’s revenue, the co-founders established Oceanpayment. The mission of the Oceanpayment team is to connect ecommerce merchants across the globe with state-of-the-art payment processing & gateway technology and, in doing so, help create a multifaceted and streamlined lifestyle for everyone.

Since 2014, we have invested continuously in research into digital payment technology, developing world-class payment processing company solutions and services that cater to the rapidly evolving payment methods in ecommerce. Our diverse range of customizable payment processing & payment gateway solutions and services, comprising global card acquisition, digital payment, AI-based risk management and Omnichannel payment services, enable the merchant to break down traditional barriers and expand their reach across international borders.

Company Milestones – Our Journey


  • PCI DSS Level 1 Certification
  • Angel Investment
  • Trial operation of Global Digital Payment Technology and Service System


  • PayFac of VISA and MasterCard
  • American Express Acquirer Qualification
  • System operationalized,  500+ global payment methods, supports 100,000+ ecommerce websites


  • Discover, JCB Acquirer Qualification. UPI membership
  • PSPs Achieved PSP status with Google Pay, Apple Pay
  • Payment Gateway, Risk Management System, O2O Solution Launching


  • Coupon System Launching
  • OPASST Fund Management System Operational

Going Global – Our Footprint

Headquartered in Hong Kong, our operational centers in Shenzhen and Hong Kong support global ecommerce brands through sales offices in the US, Europe, the UK, and Australia.
Oceanpayment Global Footprint

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