Which is the best payment gateway?

Online Payment Gateways in India

1. Citrus Pay Payment Gateway. Citrus Pay is one of the top payment gateways in India today.

2. CCAvenue Payment Gateway.

3. PayUBiz India Payment Gateway.

4. Direcpay Payment Gateway.

5. Zaakpay Payment Gateway.

6. Instamojo Payment Gateway.

7. Bill Desk.

8. Atom Paynetz Payment Gateway.

9. PayUMoney.

10. ePaisa.

11. airpay.

12. Emvantage.

13. JusPay.

14. Transecute.

15. Cashfree Payments.

How do I choose a payment gateway provider?

12 Important Factors to Consider when Choosing a Payment Gateway Provider

1. Choose an Appropriate Payment Flow.

2. Choosing the Correct Product.

3. Make Customers Feel Safe and Secure.

4. Consider Fees and Service Agreement Requirements.

5. Ensure Effective Transactions.

6. Make Checkout Easy on All Devices.

7. Multiple Features to Choose From.

8. Easy Integration Process

9. Merchant Account

10. Recurring Billing

11. Mobile Payments

12. 24×7 Customer Support

How do I set up a payment gateway for my website?

Create Website in 3 Simple Steps

Add your business details and branding. Enter your business name, description, bank details.

Add Product Images with Amount details. Upload images of all your products and add their amount details.

Share your website URL and start selling online. Your website is now ready!

What is the safest international payment method?

Secure Payment in International Trade: Cash in Advance

The safest method of payment in international trade is getting cash in advance of shipping the goods ordered, whether through bank wire transfers, credit card payments or funds held in escrow until a shipment is received.


Oceanpayment provide cross-border payment solutions in one single platform and services that meet industry trends for international online B2C(B) business models.

Solution: Global Payment Gateways Processors

Oceanpayment is a successful payment gateway providers that helps provide cross-border payment solutions in just one single platform and services that meet industry trends for the best payment gateway for international transactions online B2C or B2B business models providing the best payment gateway.

For all businesses online, having a payment gateway providers is quite important to maintain a secured and safe network for any kind of monetary transaction. Oceanpayment is the perfect solution to all kinds of global payment needs. Since it is available in almost all countries and supports multiple currencies, it is one the best payment gateway providers to use for any best payment gateway for international transactions. payment gateway providers Oceanpayment not only takes care of the business-to-business model but also caters to business-to-customer model websites.

Business to Customer

Oceanpayment is known for providing users with global payment gateway providers options with 10 currency options. All the settlements and acquisitions in the global market are made by payment gateway providers Oceanpayment. Generally, the best payment gateway in the business-to-customer model has more rush as more retail customers visit and check out. Oceanpayment has the support of heavy footfall, and the best payment gateway will not crash because of more checkouts or transactions. All the data on the landing page are kept secure, and there is no chance of data breach.

Business to Business

The business-to-business payment gateway providers in Oceanpayment is quite traditional. These payment gateways do not need support for heavy footfall, but it has that. Oceanpayment offers a B2B cross-border best payment gateway security, which helps complete the best payment gateway for international transactions smoothly. Order processing management, payment, and data analysis are something that the payment gateway providers can handle quite strongly.

Custom Solution

All the cross-border payment solutions can be tailor-made depending on the needs of the business. Since payment gateway providers Oceanpayment have multiple currency support, users can complete transactions quite conveniently. The support is not limited to online stores because Oceanpayment also helps in supporting offline stores with the best payment gateway for international transactions and best payment gateway. Most businesses that use Oceanpayment make sure to change the payment gateway providers page and make it suitable for its needs. Since the page is quite flexible, it does not look out of place on any website.

Dealing with global security

When it comes to security, Oceanpayment gateway providers take a lot of effort to ensure that everything is safe. This is the reason why people feel safe in saving their credit card details on the page. The page is completely safe to use in a domestic environment. If businesses do a lot of best payment gateway for international transactions then it is recommended that they customize the payment gateway providers page and make it suitable for international security and currency. Most of the best payment gateway for international transactions on this payment gateway providers are all monitored by Artificial Intelligence, and all threats are defused quite fast.

There are a lot of solutions to the global payment gateway problem but Oceanpayment is the best out of the lot. The payment gateway providers is quite flexible and has a lot to offer to the users. All the data in payment gateway providers are kept securely so users will not have to worry about fraud or data hacking. Ll the money is also securely transferred from one hand to another.

business-to-customer payment solutions

Oceanpayment provide global payments acquiring, settlement, technical support and operational services to retail merchants.

business to customer
business to business payment solutions

Oceanpayment offer to traditional B2B cross-border merchants a great variety of payment methods in one system which combines order processing management, payment, reconciliation, data analysis, etc.

business to business
online-offline payment solution
Custom Solutions

Oceanpayment provide tailor-made cross-border payment solution for various business needs, both online and offline stores.

onilne to offline

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