Payments Industry Certifications

For adding a strong layer of safety to all your payments, Oceanpayment holds a PCI DSS certification for you not to worry a bit about your purchases.

Wondering what a PCI DSS certification stands for and why Oceanpayment has adapted to it? Well, no worries, as we are here to break it all down for you. So the full form of PCI happens to be ‘payment card industry,’ and DSS stands for ‘data security standard’. Due to being in the payment card industry, Oceanpayment ought to secure a PCI DSS certification. That is because safety is key to money transactions, and we never want to fall into the hands of frauds and lose our precious money. This is one of the prime reasons why people are skeptical of using online payment services and instead feel safer to purchase using cash.

However, we are currently living in an era where cashless payments have been as convenient as ever. You get to swipe, type, and make secure payments in a go. That is what Oceanpayment wants you to enjoy, and for your safety, we have got the PCI DSS certification setting safety standards that protect your precious money and personal data fully.

Oceanpayment PCI DSS Certification & Security

Simply put, a PCI DSS certification means the incorporation of smart systems and software to protect your important payment card data. Therefore, we at Oceanpayment, due to having a PCI DSS certification, make sure that all your information is encrypted and has zero ways of leaking. Due to proper end-to-end encryption, your data remains protected.

The PCI DSS certification also ensures that Oceanpayment has the right sort of anti-virus software involved, ensuring that your money transactions occur seamlessly. A virus attack in the company’s software would slow down such transactions and interrupt with the smooth interface. Hence Oceanpayment is fully dedicated to omitting such problems by securing itself with apt anti-virus systems.

Lastly, the PCI DSS certification also makes showcases that Oceanpayment has firewalls installed in its system. The installation of firewalls helps with the security of the overall Oceanpayment network, where data is secured fully, and the customers benefit from swift and worry-free transactions.

How PCI DSS Certification Helps

Speaking of its PCI DSS certification, Oceanpayment is certified as a PCI Level 1 Service Provider with Visa, MasterCard, PCI DSS certification American Express, Discover, China UnionPay, JCB, and other certification services Merchant or acquirer qualifications. It has covered so many payment options that you can make payments worldwide, be it purchasing goods from other countries, upholding business with international merchants, or simply making your necessary subscription payments. Oceanpayment makes cross-border payments more easily accessible and makes them more secure with its PCI DSS certification. You can undertake multiple money transactions without any worries as the company’s PCI DSS certification ensures 100% safety to its customers.

Moreover, due to the PCI DSS certification, Oceanpayment has become a trusted China Export Partner. It is fully licensed and highly recommended for operating money services across the globe. While you choose a money service, you must look for a PCI DSS certification for undertaking safe transactions. And since Oceanpayment does offer you a, you have absolutely nothing to worry about while using its seamless services. It has made cross-border transactions easy. Its payment gateway systems enable users to make payments quickly. Its omnichannel feature allows users to make payments from any of their smart devices.

In short, Oceanpayment has a lot to offer to its customers and comes with attractive benefits and features that are so worth a try!