Nov 23
Nov 16

Global Pandemic Resurgence! How can Cross-Border Sellers Maximize Profit and Minimize Risks During the Peak Shopping Season?

Many countries have started to impose measures in targeted regions to contain the spread of the coronavirus and prepare for a possible second wave. The implementation, once again, of stringent lock down measures, will inevitably influence consumer spending behavior globally. And in turn will significantly impact cross-border exports, logistics, and... read more →
Oct 21
Sep 11
Aug 24
Aug 07

Oceanpayment is certified as an authorized PSP for Apple Pay

“Don’t leave home without the mobile phone”. This is now the mantra for modern living, where the mobile phone has replaced the wallet in making payment for daily living expenses - in the supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants, retail stores, transportation, medical treatments, etc. With the decreasing need and use of... read more →
Jul 03

Offline to Online to Save Your Business During COVID-19

COVID-19 has taken the world by storm. It has not only affected the health and travel industries but a wide array of sectors spanning the globe. The virus will have a lasting effect on our economy in the coming months and well into 2020. For the time being, merchants of... read more →
Mar 31

E-commerce and Payment Method in Southeast Asia

With its rise in economic, social development and digital growth, Southeast Asia is becoming a highly attractive e-commerce market. Multitude advancements in recent years have presented a wide opportunity for business e-commerce expansion into the market. Here’s an overview of marketing and payment methods within the region and how to... read more →
Mar 29

The Changes COVID-19 Has Brought To Retailers

As COVID-19 continuous to spread drastically worldwide, more sever precautions are taken in regard to social distancing. Due to these changes, retailers and experts are beginning to wonder what effect this will have on physical businesses and e-commerce in general. Here’s a look at the impact the coronavirus will have... read more →
Feb 29

Payment Product-WebMoney Introduction

WebMoney Transfer is a global payment system which aids in a variety of business activities. It was established in 1998 and since then has helped millions of merchants and customers make payments easily and effectively. The platform allows users to attract funding, resolve payment disputes, track funds, all while making... read more →