Perfect closed-loop payment risk management system protects your revenue in real-time

Oceanpayment provides accurate payment risk control for your business before, during, and after the whole payment process through its self-developed intelligent closed-loop payment risk management system based on AI, Big Data and other advanced technologies to detect, prevent and respond to more than 99% of transaction risks, allowing you to start your global business with confidence.

Getting Started


Precisely match the payment risk control model that suitable for your business scenario based on your actual business.


Anti-fraud knowledge graph established by more than 100 data elements, continuously mines the data association.


Use the anti-fraud rule library by adding or modify rules, according to your business model and transaction risk.

Closed loop

Not only detect high-risk transactions in real-time monitoring, but also detect the potential high-risk transactions.

Why choose Oceanpayment Risk Management Service?

Deep Understanding of Payment

Understanding business scenarios is one of the core advantages of Oceanpayment payment risk management, Relying on years of risk control practical experience in global acquiring transactions, we have accumulated profound experience in global transaction risk management. We use big data analysis technology to build an anti-fraud measure, and use data analysis to extract the traits of payment fraud, to form risk control scheme models for different industrial scenarios.

One-stop Risk Managemet Service

We will bring you closed-loop payment risk management and control services before, during, and after. Oceanpayment’s powerful payment risk database and continuous accumulation of payment risk control model can find most of the problem transactions before the transaction. Based on the machine learning ability of AI, the risk control systems can analyze and identify a portion of risky transactions whose risk characteristics are not yet clear. After the transaction is completed, the payment risk control system will continue to identify problematic transactions from successful transactions to reduce the risk of further payment frauds.

Smart Risk Modeling

We have full-time senior analysts and modelers to diagnose risks for you from the perspective of your actual business scenario, design a risk control model that fits your business, and continuously optimize the model through systematic and manual methods. Among them, our optimized methods include automatic analysis and sorting of risk characteristics by AI machines, setting risk parameters through manual participation, and updating blacklist database resources.

Precise Prevention

Our intelligent risk control system meets the risk control needs of various business scenarios. Combined with AI machine learning, we design an effective anti-fraud model from data collection, model building, decision engine, data analysis, and other links, to resist more than 99% of the risks in your business.

Millisecond Level Risk Identification Speed

Our powerful payment risk control system can control the risk control detection time at the millisecond level, your consumers will complete the risk judgment of the order without any perception, and get a better payment experience.

Who has selected Oceanpayment Payment Risk Management?

Flexible tuning and real-time prevention

One day in February this year, we received feedback from Oceanpayment that our website had an abnormal increase in transaction volume compared with the usual changes (in the past, the daily transaction orders in the peak period were less than 10,000). Fortunately, using Oceanpayment’s service, their risk control system accurately identified the characteristics of the abnormally increased orders, and the positioning confirmed that it was a batch of fraudulent attacks. They reminded us immediately and blocked this batch of fraudulent risk orders in time and at the same time gave us a very good follow-up service, allowing us to avoid a loss of nearly 500,000 US dollars.

Scene-based risk control, accurate detection

In March 2021, a data leakage accident occurred during the use of a certain platform, involving more than one million pieces of data leakage every week, including various user data, order data, and payment records. During the same period, Oceanpayment has detected a large number of theft behavior, malicious orders reached more than 10,000, involving more than 7,000 card numbers, and the total amount of orders up to $100,000.
However, all these orders were automatically intercepted by the risk control and monitoring system of Oceanpayment, and none of the malicious orders were passed. After determining that the behavior is abnormal, Oceanpayment helps prevent and intercept such risky orders that obtain benefits through abnormal fraudulent behavior in real time, helping merchants reduce the risk of subsequent chargebacks.

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