Fraud and Risk Management for Credit Cards & Payments

Risks are a part of every business. However, it is our responsibility to make sure we can eliminate it as much as we can. Thus, Oceanpayment helps businesses with credit fraud detection who pose a payment risk and makes sure you stay away from these payment frauds.

As mentioned before, businesses are exposed to several risks. However, it is the owners whose wit and experience help them avoid such risks and go forward with their trading practices. Payment frauds or payment risks in general is something that business owners do not want to experience at all. Payment fraud usually happens to be a hacker extorting personal data. Payment frauds are everywhere. They can affect a business’s revenue since owners are not likely to receive payments from them. So dealing with payment risks caused by payment frauds can be quite frustrating, especially hampering the merchant’s trust in the business and its consumers. Thus, to avoid payment frauds who are likely to create payment risks, Oceanpayment is the money service you should choose.

Oceanpayment, with its high-tech tools and software, has been doing credit fraud detection with peak accuracy. The accuracy of this credit fraud detection happens to be 99+%, which means Oceanpayment can identify frauds who can create payment risks for the merchants with full clarity.

Looking Further into Oceanpayment Credit Fraud Detection

While payment frauds are a potential threat to both small and big firms, it is highly important also to identify the fraud among the innocent masses. Wondering how Oceanpayment does that with so much accuracy and how its credit fraud detection is so in line? Well, let us find out then.

With a fine combination of Big Data analysis and Artificial Intelligence, our experts have created a credit fraud detection system that can identify cards that have been stolen or acclaimed by illegal means. This means of credit fraud detection helps merchants cancel product shipment to such fraud customers, who are likely to churn up payment risks.

Moreover, payment frauds or the orders which withhold payment risks are identified using a specially customized risk matrix that has been smartly incorporated in the interface of Oceanpayment. This matrix, along with the strict real-time monitoring of orders and previous transaction histories of the person who has placed the order, helps with further identification of payment frauds. These programs try to eliminate the maximum amount of risk for the merchant, allowing him to trade in a safe space with real consumers who are far away from causing payment risks. This is how the entire credit fraud detection process has been set into Oceanpayment, making it a completely safe and trustworthy payment gateway for the local, hardworking merchants.

Forget Payment Risks & Trade Worry-Free

Payment risks are not only a hassle but a loss of hard work, time, and of course, money that an owner puts into his business. Hence, staying miles away from people who are likely to turn out as payment fraud is crucial. Credit fraud detection is likely to increase during cross-border trade because people can easily fake their identity online. Now, not all payment solutions guarantee such level of security for their merchants as Oceanpayment. It accurately does its job of credit fraud detection by eliminating payment risks. Since this level of safety is only available in the Oceanpayment platform, it gives the company a competitive edge in the market, keeping it ahead of its contemporaries. It is a platform which is not only making cross-border trade and payments receiving easier, but is also ensuring full protection from payment fraud in every stage of information exchange and transaction. All of these added safety features for a tension-free trading experience for the merchants make Oceanpayment stand out from the crowd and eliminate merchant contact with payment risk and payment fraud.

Overall, to push cybercriminals away from your dignified business, do sign up and become a part of Oceanpayment safe trading space where you trade at your peace of mind. The company tackles all the payment risk and payment fraud issues. We monitor A-Z of the merchant transactions, and that is how the payment fraud and payment risks are highlighted in our system.

While the other systems can ensure an accuracy rate of around 95%-99% of catching payment risks and payment frauds in an order, Oceanpayment does it at a rate of 99+%. So just by looking at the figure, you know the level of accuracy that shields you as a merchant from payment risks and frauds in our community! It’s safe, swift, and everything that you need to flourish your business.

Risk Management

Our platform uses Artificial Intelligence methods and Big Data and can fight fraud in 99+% of the Transactions with:



Artificial intelligence technology matches the risk matrix with better accuracy.



Continuously mining multi-dimensional and multi-level data associations, deep mining of transaction risks.



Customize scenario-based risk control model dealing with risks in different industries.



Closed-loop risk management that supervise the transaction prior to the event, during the process, and after the event.

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