One-Stop Solution for your Global Payment Processing

We support more than 500 payment methods across the world, working closely with our merchants to enable localized processing, streamlining a multi-device, multi-scenario environment to satisfy the consumer’s need for diversity and flexibility in payment options.

Oceanpayment’s Unique Offering in Global Payment Acquiring

 Global Card Associations

As the certified and authorized acquisition partners of the top 6 international card associations, we are well-positioned to support your business in every corner of the world.

Oceanpayment global card associations
Oceanpayment Localized Acceptance and Settlement

 Localized Acceptance and Settlement

Our strategically placed sales and operations centers around the world ensure that your business is enabled to offer local payment modes while the localized operations will speed up payment processing through the acquiring banks for faster settlement.

  Customized Payment Acquiring Solutions

We cater to the diverse payment needs of a wide range of businesses, leveraging SDK/Web/API integration technology to offer your consumer convenient and easy to use payment modes.

Oceanpayment Customized Payment Acquiring Solutions

Why Choose us for your Global Acquiring Solution Provider?

how to Safeguard your business security for total compliance

 Safeguard your business security for total compliance

In line with being awarded PCI DSS Level 1 certification, we are continuously enhancing our homegrown AI and Big Data risk management system to monitor, detect and control more than 99% of known transaction risks.

 Meet Diverse Business Needs

We support more than 500 global payment methods in no less than 140 currencies and checkout displays in more than 20 languages to provide your consumer with a diverse range of payment options in the language of their choice, driving higher conversion rates.

Oceanpayment helps you meet diverse business needs
Oceanpayment helps you drive higher settlement rate

 Drive Higher Settlement Rate

With our in-depth industry and local knowledge, we ensure that your transactions are streamlined and processed with optimum efficiency through the financial network, achieving higher acquirer authorization rates and minimal transaction declines.

 Value-added Services

As a one-stop shop for payment solutions and services, we not only provide payment acceptance support but also value-added services like payment gateway services, risk management, currency conversion, funds transfer, and operations support.

Oceanpayment offers Value-added Services

Who choose our Global Payment Acceptance Solutions and Services?

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