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Grow your business effectively and sustainably by offering your customers a wider and diversified choice of payment methods.

Leverage Oceanpayment’s capability to accept and process credit card payments online!

Getting Started
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Global Reach

  Active connectivity with international card associations, markets and consumers across the world.

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Local Touch

Acquiring business and transaction settlements localized in every site.

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Customized Processing

Online credit card payment processing solutions tailored to meet globalized market needs.

Why choose Oceanpayment as your credit card processing providers?

Drawing on our long-standing, in-depth experience in enabling local and global digital payments and settlements, Oceanpayment has developed a unique suite of customizable credit card processing solutions that meet the needs of a diverse range of customers.


Through our concerted effort to expand and deepen the ongoing partnerships with global card acquirers, Oceanpayment has enabled or customers to extend their business to every corner of the world. As an acquirer/online credit card payment gateway enabler, we do not cut corners in our ongoing drive to ensure and safeguard the security of our customer’s data and funds, leveraging AI and Big Data to enhance our risk management system, minimizing transaction risks. We aim to provide credit card processing and seamless payment solutions focused on risk control, security, and effectiveness.

Enhance your Payment Experience

Oceanpayment knows online business better. Leverage our hands-on industry experience and capability to enable and support multi-faceted business scenarios.

shopping cart icon  Shopping Cart

Greatly enhance the consumer’s shopping experience with online credit card payment solutions tailored to cater to a diversified range of shopping carts in online shopping.

token payments icon  Token Payments

We support Network Token/PCI Token for a fast and secure token payment solution.

recurring payments icon  Recurring Payments

Convert customers into subscribers – we provide flexible and convenient recurring payment methods and subscription payment solutions.

pre-authorized payments icon  Pre-authorized Payments

Customized pre-auth payment control for transactions conducted in business like hotels and car rentals, enabling the merchant to reduce risks and increase revenue through chargeback management and refund avoidance.

in-app payments icon  In-APP Payments

By integrating a diverse range of payment methods through SDK and H5 interfaces, we enable in-app payments seamlessly to expedite settlements.

psd2 icon  PSD2 

Enable the dynamic assessment of the cardholder’s credentials in a safe and compliant environment prior to selecting the optimum solution for order conversion.

Auto-linked & call center payments icon  Auto-linked & call center payments

Auto-generate order and payment details at the back-end, creating a complete order to be shared with the consumer in just a few clicks.

qr code payments icon  QR Code Payments

The consumer could pay for their purchase on the phone, securely and quickly.

Enhance your Buying Experience

Oceanpayment knows your consumer. We offer a wide and diverse range of online credit card payment options that meet the myriad expectations and needs of the consumers.

  Enabling Customization

We provide customized online credit card payment interfaces in more than 20 languages and 140+ transaction currencies.


  End-to-end & Multi-layered Connectivity

We support Web/APISDK integration and end-to-end support via Web/Phone/Pad/TV/POS.


 O2O Enabler

We provide seamless online to offline solutions.

Professional & effective Service

Oceanpayment’s core competence in transactions processing and operations is founded on security and ongoing compliance. We strive to provide you with world-class professional services in processing credit card payments.

  System Security

PCI-DSS Level 1 certified, we are continually in compliance with the highest standards in data security at every phase of the online credit card payment process.


  Transaction Security

Homegrown big data and AI risk management system with in-built fraud prevention and detection measures that address up to 99% of transactions risks, ensuring that your data are safeguarded.


  Abnormal Transaction Monitoring

Global monitoring and notification on a 7*24*365 basis, allowing the merchant to detect security risks in real time and thereby decrease their losses.

Maximizing Profit – the ultimate goal

In addition to product quality and service excellence, streamlined transaction processing with minimum hiccups is critical to profit maximization.

Higher Transaction Authorization Rates
  1. We will increase your local transaction authorization by leveraging the international cardassociations.
  2. With our wealth of resources of Acquirers and their smart routing, we will provide the mostappropriate bank channel for your transactions.
  3. We offer professional operational services and data analyses to exploit opportunitiesfor higher transactions authorization rate.
Minimize Unauthorized Transactions
  1. Reduce transaction failure rates with the big data and AI risk management system.
  2. Enhance transaction security and reduce loss through PSD2 certification.
  3. Enhance the consumer’s shopping experience with our customized payment interfacesand bills.

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