Jul 19

European Online Retailers Targeting the Chinese Market

China is one of the top countries European retailers should shift their focus to in 2019. The country is a world leader in eCommerce with 40% of all transaction taking place there. Here is how European retailers can boost their business in China and the role Chinese online payment methods... read more →
Jul 15

WeChat Pay and European Travel Among Asian Tourists

UNWTO released data stating that Chinese tourists will account for nearly a quarter of all global tourism by 2030. With the rise of Asian tourists within Europe, let’s take a look at some interesting destinations they have chosen and ways to boost your business among Chinese tourists by incorporating WeChat... read more →
Jul 11

Online Payments for Education Celebrations

▲Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash Graduation season is finally here and with it, we begin to consider if all graduations around the world are the same. Here is a look at the way different countries celebrate graduations, the customs and traditions and different online payments for education celebrations: United... read more →
Jun 24

Latin America Market Potential and Consumption Habits

Digital commerce within Latin America (LATAM) is expected to grow substantially in the next several years. Furthermore, retailers are eager to learn how to boost business within the market. Here’s a breakdown on the Latin America market potential, shopping trends and buying habits. Latin American Online Shopping Trends  Online Shopping... read more →
Jun 11

Top 10 Global Consumer Trends For 2019

Every coming year brings something new to the global market. Whether it’s new buying habits or a shift in demographics, new consumer trends always push the boundaries of how companies should appeal to their target audience. Here are the top 10 global consumer trends for 2019 according to Euromonitor International’s... read more →
Jun 11

Top 9 Trends in the Tourism Industry

The recent developments in the global tourism industry have raised new challenges for merchants. Here are the top 9 trends of 2019 that travel merchants need to know about providing a better service to their customers. 1. Personalization Based on recent surveys, 90% of travellers prefer personalized travel plans and... read more →
Jun 11

Top 10 Fastest Growing E-commerce Markets

E-commerce markets are growing at an incredibly high rate, thanks to the countries in Asia and Latin America. Here are the top ten fastest growing e-commerce markets according to an industry report for 2018, along with a breakdown of their preferred payment methods. 10. China While it takes only the... read more →
Jun 11

A Guide to the King’s Day Festival

The most colourful street party in the world is on the horizon. All over the Netherlands, over a million locals and tourists will be joining the all-day citywide celebration of the King’s Day. Here is a brief breakdown of the history of this festival, what to expect and how to... read more →
Apr 20

The Easter Holidays in the E-commerce World

As we approach Easter - the first big holiday of the year, e-commerce websites are expecting a huge hike in sales. Here is a brief breakdown of the shopping trends, hot products, spending habits, and preferred payment methods during the holiday craze. Easter Shopping Trends In the US alone, the... read more →
Jan 09

Oceanpayment Merchants Will Be Able to Accept Discover Global Network Cards

9th,January,2019 - Oceanpayment Co., Ltd., a global payment service provider offering more than 500 various payment methods in 200 countries all over the world, has signed an agreement with Diners Club International, a subsidiary of Discover Financial Services and part of the Discover Global Network. The deal will allow Oceanpayment... read more →