Oct 11

WeChat mini-program Introduction

WeChat is one of the most used mobile apps in China, with more than 300 million daily active users and 1.1 billion monthly active users (statistics at the end of 2019). The market is huge. In 2017, WeChat officially launched a small program that allows external developers to run their... read more →
Oct 11

WeChat Pay Shopify: Partner for Hong Kong

WeChat, which is locally known as Weixin, is hands down the most popular and widely used Chinese social media app. It was launched in 2011 and since then has gained over a billion active monthly users. Moreover, WeChat has become an attractive platform for merchants to sell their products and... read more →
Oct 11

WeChat Official Account Introduction

In the WeChat ecosystem, the functions of the WeChat official account include brand promotion, a well-run official account can build a very positive brand image. It also plays as a window in the corporate public relations, especially the certified official account has stronger credibility which can establish an authoritative image... read more →
Sep 29

Internet Payment Gateway Processing

Nowadays, it’s becoming easy to open up a store online that goes global thanks to a website, eCommerce Platform or internet payment processing service solutions. But for most internet business, accepting payment online is the most significant challenge which requires a complicated Fintech Solution and technique. To understand what your... read more →
Sep 28

Processing credit card payments online

Online credit card processing requires a website where your customers can go to make purchases, and you’ll need a way to process those payments securely. In this article, we'll mainly talk about what is online credit card processing and how does it work. What is online credit card processing? Generally... read more →
Sep 28

China UnionPay Introduction

At the end of November 2020, China UnionPay's global acceptance network has been extended to 179 countries and regions, and more than 9 billion UnionPay cards have been issued at home and abroad. In this article, let’s have a short introduction about China Unionpay Card and it’s online Payments service... read more →
Sep 28

Set up Recurring Credit Card Payments

When you sell online, you have to accept credit card payments, as many businesses use these to pay for goods and services. For some subscriptions business, you also need you also need payment processing providers to handle recurring billing so that credit card information is securely protected through each step... read more →
Sep 28

Payment Gateway for Website/App

Integrating a payment gateway into your store will give your website security and improve the overall user experience. How to choose payment gateway for website? In the following article, we will talk about the definition of payment gateway and the way to choose a payment gateway for your website in... read more →
Sep 28

What is online recurring payments?

If you want to offer online recurring payment service to your customers, it’s important to explain what recurring billing is and how does it work. In the following article, let’s focus on recurring monthly payment and explore the way monthly billing benefit your business. What Is Recurring Billing? Recurring billing... read more →
Sep 28

Credit Card Payment Gateway Online

With dozens of online payment options to choose from, which credit card payment gateway should you choose? In this article we will mainly talk about what is credit card payment gateway, how does it work and find out the best credit card gateway providers for your business. What is credit... read more →