Sep 23

Oceanpayment’s Risk Management System

Digital online and mobile banking users exceeded 2 billion in 2018, according to the 2019 Global Identity and Anti-Fraud Report. Additionally, the industry expects an 11% growth rate by 2023. Due to this growth, fraud concerns are increasing tremendously. Here’s how Oceanpayment’s risk management system helps cross-border merchants stay safe.  ... read more →
Sep 16

UK Online Shopping Trends

UK online shopping trends project a reach of over 200 billion euros in turnover by the end of 2019. This will be a 14.6%  increase from the turnover of 175 billion euros in 2018. Here is a look at some more insight regarding the e-commerce market of England and spending... read more →
Aug 23

The Shopping Experience and Cart Abandonment

In 2019 e-commerce stores are continuously battling cart abandonment issues. Merchants want to know the reasons behind users abandoning their carts. Poor shopping experience and payment process problems are some of the biggest issues in this regard. Here’s why cart abandonment is happening and how to avoid it:  The Shopping... read more →
Aug 19

Choosing The Right Payment Provider

As an online merchant, one of the most important aspects of a business is the payment process. Customers should have a smooth and user-friendly payment experience, ensuring larger profits and lower cart abandonment rates for merchants. Here are features to consider when choosing the right payment provider: What Is a... read more →
Aug 01

Stock-up Strategy and Trends for Back-to-School

With the start of school approaching, families are preparing with back-to-school (B2S)  shopping. Deloitte estimates that families will spend $27.8 billion in purchasing necessary school items in the US. Here are some shopping trends of back-to-school shoppers and the importance of a stock-up strategy for merchants. Back-to-School Shopping Trends  Based... read more →
Jul 26

PSD 2 and Its Affect On Card Approval Ratio

PSD2 (Revised Payment Service Directive) comes into full effect on 14th of September, 2019. Every online transaction which is initiated from an EU issued card to a merchant's online store will go through SCA (Strong Customer Authentication) which means every such transaction must go through 3D secure authentication.  PSD2 and What... read more →
Jul 22

3D Secure 2.0 Payment Authentication Solution

With the popularity of online card transactions and the constantly increasing fraud, global bank card fraud losses are accumulated to tens of billions of US dollars each year. Back in the days, in 2001 in order to improve the security of online transactions and protect users' online experience, EMVCo. launched... read more →
Jul 19

European Online Retailers Targeting the Chinese Market

China is one of the top countries European retailers should shift their focus to in 2019. The country is a world leader in eCommerce with 40% of all transaction taking place there. Here is how European retailers can boost their business in China and the role Chinese online payment methods... read more →
Jul 15

WeChat Pay and European Travel Among Asian Tourists

UNWTO released data stating that Chinese tourists will account for nearly a quarter of all global tourism by 2030. With the rise of Asian tourists within Europe, let’s take a look at some interesting destinations they have chosen and ways to boost your business among Chinese tourists by incorporating WeChat... read more →
Jul 11

Online Payments for Education Celebrations

▲Photo by Vasily Koloda on Unsplash Graduation season is finally here and with it, we begin to consider if all graduations around the world are the same. Here is a look at the way different countries celebrate graduations, the customs and traditions and different online payments for education celebrations: United... read more →