Jun 11

A Guide to the King’s Day Festival

The most colourful street party in the world is on the horizon. All over the Netherlands, over a million locals and tourists will be joining the all-day citywide celebration of the King’s Day. Here is a brief breakdown of the history of this festival, what to expect and how to... read more →
Apr 20

The Easter Holidays in the E-commerce World

As we approach Easter - the first big holiday of the year, e-commerce websites are expecting a huge hike in sales. Here is a brief breakdown of the shopping trends, hot products, spending habits, and preferred payment methods during the holiday craze. Easter Shopping Trends In the US alone, the... read more →
Jun 08
May 03

This is How E-commerce Companies can Protect Consumer Data

We are in the midst of a smart e-commerce age, where on a daily basis, millions of different transactions take place online which require users to share their sensitive personal or financial details over the Internet, and the goods or service providers instantly gain access to the same. Lots of... read more →
Apr 12

Middle East e-commerce to deepen its inroads into retail

Last year was a time of game-changing developments for the e-commerce sector. And it also acted as witness to an influx of industry players who were keen to tap into the burgeoning GCC and MENA market. According to analysts Frost and Sullivan, the e-commerce industry in the UAE is expected... read more →
Apr 04

Australia sees growth in grocery e-commerce

The Australian e-commerce channel has seen a 23.8 per cent increase for the year ending 2017 compared with the previous year, with grocery e-commerce showing 403,000 new households adopting online shopping, new Nielsen research shows. The study found in the past 12 months there was a 22.9 per cent increase... read more →
Dec 15

Online payment methods in Europe

Every country in Europe is different. So, it’s no surprise consumers of these countries have different online payment methods they prefer to use. In 2017, DPDgroup released its Barometer E-shopper report which shows the most popular online payment methods in Europe. When it comes to paying for the goods they... read more →
Sep 07

Which payment method is best for getting paid in Shopify?

There are usually two ways for merchants to sell products online. Either they use a mature ecommerce platform like Amazon, or they build their own store by using platforms like Shopify. The former one means you can just focus on the products while the latter one gives you a chance... read more →
Aug 16
Jun 07

UK shoppers spend online 4.5 times more on FMCG than offline

Consumers in the United Kingdom spent on average 74.09 euros per online FMCG purchase in 2016, which corresponds with a decrease of over 2 percent compared to the situation a year before. But still, the online ticket was 4.5 times higher than the offline one. Globally, only in Thailand consumers... read more →