Mar 23
online payment processing

Chinese International Payment System

While the US spent the last decade upgrading its banking system, China experienced a significant revolution in payment methods. As a result, new and more advanced payment systems dominate China's business transactions.  The new Chinese payment system consists of digital wallets, QR codes, and various payment platforms that offer alternate... read more →
Mar 21

How to Integrate Payment Gateway in Website or App?

Since the world has become a global village, customers all around the globe opt for cashless transactions, business-to-business payments, e-payments, and other alternative modes of making transactions when they make a purchase on an online store. Let us learn how a payment gateway works and why you should integrate it... read more →
Mar 15

What Online Shopping Takes Apple Pay?

The widespread use of Apple devices across the world made Apple introduce a smart way to make online payments. Apple Pay is a futuristic phone wallet. You can set it up on various devices to make instant payments in many stores.  You no longer have to use credit or debit... read more →
Mar 11

Global Digital Payment Trend 2022

Over the past few years, the exponential growth of the payment industry has opened the gateway for digital currencies such as cryptocurrencies, buy now pay later (BNPL), e-wallets, and more to become mainstream modes of payment in 2022.  The digital payment as an electronic trade of currencies has helped expand... read more →
Mar 11

How to Use Apple Pay for Online Purchases?

With the widespread use of smartphones, people find it more convenient to make payments via their devices rather than using cards. As a result, various digital payment solutions such as Apple Pay are becoming more popular while credit and debit cards become obsolete.  Apple Pay is a futuristic payment technology... read more →
Mar 04

GDPR Compliance for Enterprises

GDPR stands for General Data Protection Regulation, which is a privacy law in the world. Although the European Union drafted and passed this security law, it is applicable all across the world. The obligations of GDPR are imposed on any organization that collects any person’s data in the EU.  So... read more →
Mar 02

Best Payment Options For Electronic Consumption Vouchers in Hong Kong

Digital payments are becoming very popular in Hong Kong after the Covid 19 pandemic. Local customers commonly use payment options like WeChat Pay and Alipay to make purchases. The government is also supporting the growth of digital channels by providing incentives to potential customers. As part of that initiative, the... read more →
Feb 25

Online Payment Methods in Malaysia for Ecommerce

Malaysia has recently become one of the best emerging markets for smaller businesses that wish to expand.  With a relatively consistent and high GDP growth compared to other Southeast Asian markets, Malaysia will be a hot business destination in 2022.  More technological and economic advancements in the coming years are... read more →
Feb 25

Best Payment Gateways for Shopify

Payment collection is the ultimate goal of making sales; hence it is the most critical aspect of every business.  Smooth and user-friendly payment collection for online businesses is crucial for improved customer experience. If you're familiar with e-commerce business softwares, you must have come across Shopify. Shopify is an all-in-one... read more →
Feb 24

Online Payment Platforms for Small Businesses

The rise of the e-commerce industry in the last decade helped set up various small-scale businesses across the globe.  Furthermore, this exponential growth of the e-commerce industry led to the rise of digital payments, with different online payment platforms offering payment solutions to small and large businesses.  This is why... read more →