Oct 11

WeChat mini-program Introduction

WeChat is one of the most used mobile apps in China, with more than 300 million daily active users and 1.1 billion monthly active users (statistics at the end of 2019). The market is huge. In 2017, WeChat officially launched a small program that allows external developers to run their... read more →
Oct 11

WeChat Pay Shopify: Partner for Hong Kong

Setting up WeChat Pay on Shopify can be tricky. That is why you need a Shopify partner for Hong Kong. Oceanpayment is here to help you set up today! WeChat, the Shopify partner for China is a huge application that has been used for social media connectivity. Initiated during 2011,... read more →
Oct 11

WeChat Official Account Introduction

In the WeChat ecosystem, the functions of the WeChat official account include brand promotion, a well-run official account can build a very positive brand image. It also plays as a window in the corporate public relations, especially the certified official account has stronger credibility which can establish an authoritative image... read more →
Sep 29

Internet Payment Gateway Processing

International Internet Payment Gateway Processing Oceanpayment is an expert in international internet payment gateway processing, offering service that suits various platforms, e.g., Shopify, Wix, Shopline, Woocommerce, Magento and more. An internet payment gateway is the simplest solution for businesses to collect online and digital payments from their website or app.... read more →
Sep 28

Guide for online credit card processing

Use the perfect opportunity offered by Oceanpayment to complete your online credit card processing. With the latest credit card payment processors available for a reasonable price, processing card payments can be simple for your customers. When it comes to online credit card processing, there are many choices available in the... read more →
Sep 28

China UnionPay Introduction

China has always been an Asian countries that offers a variety of options to manage the financial aspects of life. Ranging from WeChat to China Unionpay card services, the available options offer customers the best financial services. The China Unionpay card and China Unionpay online payment service have gained more... read more →
Sep 28

Set up Recurring Credit Card Payments

Recurring card payments are sensitive to information that needs to be protected by the merchant. Offer your customers recurring credit card payments facilities to set up recurring payments with advanced security features from Oceanpayment. Recurring card payments is a technique used by merchants to regularly receive money from the customers... read more →
Sep 28

Payment Gateway for Website/App

Oceanpayment serves to develop a secure payment gateway for websites and apps. No more waiting. Integrate your payment methods on one single platform today. Most merchants nowadays use advanced payment gateways for websites and applications. The payment gateways for websites has improved business transactions and sales all over the world.... read more →
Sep 28

Set up Recurring Monthly Billing/Payment

Learn how to set up recurring monthly billing/payment in an easy way. Find your trusted partner with Oceanpayments for over 500 types of alternative payments across regions. Despite the development of digital transactions and the monthly billing system, it has always existed among the common people. Online recurring payments have... read more →
Sep 28

Credit Card Payment Gateway Online

Find your payment provider partner for a credit card payment gateway online. Talk to us today for the ultimate solutions for your online business payment. With the introduction of pandemics and constant development in the digital world, people nowadays have been choosing online transactions. Most businesses have installed a separate... read more →