Feb 25

The Impact of AI and Big Data on Cross-border Industries

The internet has developed tremendously over the past decade and has affected all areas of life. This is no different in regards to the way we do shopping. Online shopping has become a commodity in many areas of the world and has allowed businesses to grow rapidly and consumers to... read more →
Feb 24

Transitioning to an Independent E-commerce Site

As a merchant, you have two main platforms through which you can offer goods and services - a marketplace or your very own independent e-commerce site. Both options, undoubtedly come with their perks and flaws. Many small business owners decide to kick off their business through a marketplace as this... read more →
Feb 19

Russia’s E-commerce Market: A Merchant’s Guide

Russia’s e-commerce market is continuously growing and expanding. In fact, Statista approximates that Russia will showcase an annual growth in e-commerce of 5.7% between 2020 to 2024. This will result in an increase in market share from US$20,470m in 2020 to US$25,520m by 2024. Here’s some insight on Russia’s growing... read more →
Jan 22

4 Payment Trends That Will Shape 2020

With the coming of the new year, we can’t help but wonder what awaits in all areas of life and this is no different in regards to payments. Payments have come a long way over the last decade and will continue to do so within the next year. Here’s a... read more →
Jan 20

Boost Conversion Through A Great E-commerce Funnel

A conversion funnel is the journey a customer takes prior to making a purchase. The funnel for e-commerce businesses greatly differs from a traditional conversion funnel. Here are the 4 stages of the e-commerce conversion funnel and how merchants can boost conversion on their site:  Image by Red Deer Awareness ... read more →
Jan 19

6 Vital Cross Border E-commerce Trends Will Boost E-commerce Businesses

Mobile usage and the growth of internet connectivity has contributed to a growth in cross border e-commerce as well. Here are 6 current trends to take note of, which will boost e-commerce businesses in the long run: Digitalization and Internet Connectivity Growth According to research by Statista, in 2018 258.9... read more →
Jan 03

Digitally Robust CEE Countries – Digitization of Payments

CEE e-commerce economies have developed tremendously during the last several years, surpassing many other regions of the world. Here are five reasons as to why the countries of  CEE have become digital powerhouses and the effect they have on the digitization of payments. Image by DaLiu Dynamic economic growth Countries... read more →
Nov 01

Black Friday: A Sales Guide For E-commerce Retailers

Black Friday is the largest shopping holiday in the US.  In recent years, it has now become a global phenomenon and increasingly popular outside the US. Canada, the UK, France, Germany, Spain, Brazil, Australia, China and other countries have some form of the event in the month of November. The globalization... read more →
Oct 27

Ways to Boost Sales During a Shorter Holiday Season

Companies are undoubtedly concerned about this year’s shortened holiday season in the US. Thanksgiving will fall on November 28th, whereas last year it fell on the 22nd, giving retailers less time to drive sales for the approaching Christmas holidays. Here are some ways to boost sales during this holiday season. ... read more →
Oct 23

Customer Retention and How to Improve It

Every business is striving for a single purpose - growth. Undoubtedly, growth is achieved by acquiring new customers, but moreover, by retaining already existing ones. Proper customer retention ensures a successful business with continuous profits and fewer costs. Here is how to boost customer retention:  What is customer retention?  Customer... read more →