Oct 24

US shopping app Shopkick expands to Germany

Shopping app Shopkick has expanded into its first international market by launching the app in Germany. From day one it has partnered up with major retailers like Douglas, Media Markt and Saturn, OBI and Karstadt and brands including P&G, Henkel and GSK. Shopkick, an app with which shoppers can receive... read more →
Oct 23

Ecommerce in Russia

Russia is, what their situation in Europe is concerned, a stranger it our midst. It’s part European, it’s part Asian, but above all it’s Russia. It is one of those countries that together with the United States, China, and the United Kingdom dominate international politics, economy, and sports. More than... read more →
Oct 22
Oct 21

Ecommerce in The Netherlands

Ecommerce in The Netherlands The Netherlands is a small country, but it always tries to play a significant role, whether it be economically, political or in sports. The Netherlands participated in the introduction of the euro and was also a founding member of NATO and what’s now called the European... read more →
Oct 20

IMRG launches guide to support cross-border e-retailers

IMRG launches guide to support cross-border e-retailers IMRG has announced the launch of the UK Cross-Border Trading Passport, an A-Z guide for prospective online retailers who are looking to enter the British ecommerce market. Together with provider of e-fulfilment logistics services Norbert Dentressangle, the industry association for UK e-retail wants... read more →
Oct 17

Southern European ecommerce to grow to €47.8bn

Southern European ecommerce to grow to €47.8bn With regards to the financial crisis, Southern Europe is still one of the most damaged regions in Europe. But maybe the ecommerce industry can change this, little by little. It’s estimated that online sales in this region will reach 47.8 billion euros at... read more →
Oct 15

Ecommerce in Germany

Ecommerce in Germany Germany is Europe’s largest economy and after Russia it’s also Europe’s most populous country. After World War II Germany was divided into two different states: West Germany (officially called the Federal Republic of Germany) and East Germany (the German Democratic Republic). The western part sought established links... read more →
Oct 14

Ecommerce in The United Kingdom

Ecommerce in The United Kingdom The United Kingdom is one of the leading countries in the western world. As one of five permanent members of the UN Security Council and a founding member of NATO, the UK is an influential country with an important economy. It’s an active member of... read more →
Oct 13

Ecommerce in Russia to near 30 billion euros by 2018

Ecommerce in Russia to near 30 billion euros by 2018 The B2C ecommerce industry in Russia has been growing rapidly. As a matter of fact, it was ranked fifth worldwide in ecommerce growth last year. Russia is now forecasted to surpass South Korea to become the ninth largest ecommerce market... read more →
Oct 11

Northern European ecommerce to grow to €36.8bn

Northern European ecommerce to grow to €36.8bn The total ecommerce industry in Northern Europe is expected to reach sales of 36.8 billion euros in 2014. One year ago, the online economy of goods and services in this region was worth 33.2 billion euros, so this year there’s probably gonna be... read more →